Tesla officially opens Supercharger network to Ford EV owners in Canada and US

We were expecting Tesla to open up Supercharger access to Ford electric vehicle (EV) owners in February, and on the final day of the month, Tesla has done just that. Starting today Ford Mustang Mach-E and Lightning F-150 owners with a North American Charging Standard (NACS) adapter can plug in and charge at more than 15,300 Superchargers across Canada and the US.

Ford was the first automaker to sign with Tesla to adopt their NACS technology in May of last year. As part of that agreement, Ford is providing their 2021 to 2024 model year EV owners with a free NACS adapter, that is available to order on Ford’s website starting today. The free price is a promotion however, with Ford saying the adapter will cost US$230 after June 30, 2024.

Customers are limited to one free NACS adapter per vehicle, are required to provide their VIN for authentication, and must also be a member of the Blue Oval Charging Network, which is free to join.

According to Ford, the NACS adapter will only work at select V3 and V4 Tesla Superchargers, with V2, Urban, and Destination Chargers not accessible to Ford EV owners. Additionally, Plug & Charge support is also available, meaning Ford EV owners with the option enabled will simply have to plug in and their EV will be authenticated and charging will start automatically.

All Ford EV owners will have to install the latest software update in order to be able to use Tesla Superchargers however, with Ford saying the update will be rolled out in phases across North America.

ford nacs superchargers
Credit: Ford

Tesla has also updated their Supercharger map to include a new filter to only show Superchargers open to Ford EV owners, and eventually almost all other brands, showing the expansive network coverage they now, or will soon, have access to.

Credit: Tesla

With the opening of the network to Ford, Tesla also announced a timeline for some other automakers. According to Tesla’s new ‘Charging for All’ website, Rivian, General Motors (GM), Volvo, and Polestar will also gain access this spring.

Here is a video from Ford Canada on how to use the NACS adapter at Tesla Supercharger stations.

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