Tesla increases range estimates for Model Y in China

China Design Studio
Image via Tesla

The Tesla Model Y has been a popular choice among electric vehicle (EV) buyers in China. That was especially the case during September where long lineups of the electric SUV could be found at DMVs across the country waiting to be registered.

Making them even more attractive to potential buyers, Tesla has now updated the range estimates for two variants of the Model Y.

According to the Design Studio, the LR Model Y can now travel 640km (397 miles) on a full charge, up from the previous 594km (369 miles).

The Performance Model Y also got a boost, changing from 540km (335 miles) to 566km (351 miles).

Both range estimates are based on the NEDC rating schedule, which is more generous than the North American EPA ratings. There were no price changes to go along with the increased range estimates. (h/t: @DKurac)

Model Y range China

Even though the NEDC range estimates are not reflective of what drivers can hope to achieve in real world driving, the change does indicate Tesla now believes the car can travel further on a single charge.

The automaker has yet to provide an explanation for the increased range. It could be due to a change in battery size or chemistry or even new motors.

It could also be attributed to an update to the vehicle’s software which makes it more efficient, something Tesla is well known to have done in the past.

The EPA ranges estimates for Canada and the US have not changed.

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