Cache Creek Tesla Supercharger activated, more locations to follow

Tesla has finally opened the Cache Creek Supercharger, after a months-long wait for the transformer to be installed and the final activation.

Although it did take a while, the first charge was reported last night by user Dark Cloud on the TMC forums. A picture was posted of his Model S charging on stall 1A. A Tesla technician was spotted on the site the night before and it seems that’s when the final connection was made.

He also stated that the FLO charger was active, posting a photo of the screen showing the pricing of $0.26/minute ($15.60/hour).

The opening of Superchargers this year was delayed in part due to the wildfires in BC, which might have been the reason for the shortage of transformers. All sites are said to have them now, which means they could be activated in the course of the week if the technician heads north.

The Superchargers, whose openings will follow in quick succession, are Williams Lake, Quesnel and Prince George.

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