Charlottetown Tesla Supercharger now open [PEI]

Charlottetown Supercharger
Image via @AdviceOnTech /Twitter

Prince Edward Island (PEI) finally has their first Tesla Supercharger. The new station in Charlottetown was turned on late this afternoon, leaving just Newfoundland and Labrador as the only Canadian province without a Supercharger.

Construction began in mid-August, and crews worked quickly to get the site completed in less than one month.

We reported earlier today that the transformer had finally been installed at the site, a good sign that it was going to be activated very soon.

Just over one hour later and the station was turned on, with the one of the first owners plugging in and sharing the news on Twitter.

The new Charlottetown Supercharger features 8 V3 stalls and is located on Poplar Island in the parking lot in front of BOOMburger. The station is not appearing on the in-car navigation yet, but should be added soon.

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