Additional Supercharger locations in Europe now available to non-Tesla EVs

Tesla continues to expand its non-Tesla Supercharger pilot program across Europe. This time the expansion doesn’t include more countries where owners of other EVs can plug in to the Supercharger network, but rather the number of stations in Germany that are part of the program has increased.

According to a report from German publication Teslamag, 69 out of the 153 Supercharger locations in Germany can now be used by other electric car brands, a significant increase from the 16 locations made available in June 2022. The expansion equates to about 45% of all Tesla Superchargers in the country.

It also makes Tesla the fourth largest DC fast charging provider in Germany behind EnBW (228), Aral Pulse (188), and Ionity (109).

Tesla began opening up its Supercharger network to other brands in Europe last February in the Netherlands. The program most recently expanded to Italy last November, bringing the total number of countries participating in the program in Europe to 15. In the Netherlands, almost all of Tesla’s Superchargers have already been opened for third-party use, with the most notable exception being the recently opened V4 Supercharger in Harderwijk.

The V4 Superchargers, which feature longer charging cables to accommodate different charging port locations on other EVs, are expected to be made available to other EV owners soon. Tesla said it wanted to monitor the Superchargers and how they perform before allowing non-Tesla EVs to plug in.

Tesla also recently opened up the Supercharger network to other EVs in the US with the addition of built-in CCS adapters at 10 stations, 8 of which are in New York and 2 more in California.

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