All Tesla Supercharger stations in the Netherlands now open to other EVs

After first launching in the Netherlands last November, Tesla recently expanded their Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot program to two more countries, France and Norway.

The pilot program was limited to a specific number of stations in each country, with electric vehicle (EV) owners in the Netherlands able to plug in at 10 stations across the country.

It appears to have been a success, as Tesla announced today other EVs can now plug in at all Supercharger stations in the Netherlands.

Tesla made it as easy as possible for owners of other EVs to use the Supercharger network.

All they have to do is download the latest Tesla mobile app, add a payment method, and tap ‘Start Charging’ after selecting the stall they are plugging in to.

Tesla does make non-Tesla owners pay a premium over the standard charging rates for the added benefit of being able to use the expansive Supercharger network.

To help lower costs, Tesla does offer a charging membership.

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