Tesla installs more Magic Docks, this time in California

Tesla has been spotted installing more Magic Docks at their Superchargers, but this time it is taking place on the other side of the US in California. Yesterday the first Magic Docks were added to a Supercharger station in Verona, New York.

The Magic Dock is a device that adds a CCS adapter to existing Supercharger locations that will allow owners of non-Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) to use the expansive Supercharger network. According to a press release by the White House last week Tesla will be adding the Magic Dock to 3,500 Supercharger stalls across the US by the end of 2024. While that timeline is two years out Tesla appears to be getting a quick start on the retrofitting process.

After yesterday’s sighting in New York another team of Tesla engineers have been seen adding Magic Docks to a Supercharger in Scotts Valley, just a short 45 minute drive south of the Fremont factory. According to photos shared with Teslarati the retrofit was again being performed by a couple of engineers that carried the necessary equipment in the back of two Model Ys, demonstrating the process for Tesla to add the Magic Dock is quick, easy, and cheap.

According to Tesla’s website the Scott’s Valley Supercharger (230 Mount Hermon Road) has 16 V3 Supercharger stalls. Since the engineers were still in the process of adding the Magic Docks we don’t know how many of the 16 stalls will be retrofitted, but Tesla did add them to add 12 stalls at the station in New York yesterday.

While Tesla has now installed Magic Docks at at least two different stations, neither of them are active yet for owners of other EVs to plug in and charge.

Despite these additions, Tesla has still not officially announced the Magic Dock, or when the Supercharger network will be available to other EVs. Last year Drive Tesla was first to report exclusively on the development of the Magic Dock. At that time Tesla was planning to launch a pilot program in Q3 2022, but that timeline appears to have slipped due to the ongoing discussions with The White House for Tesla to become eligible for access to the billions of dollars the government was setting aside to expand the national EV charging network.

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