Tesla China denies report of battery swaps coming in the future

Tesla in China has poured cold water on a report that said the automaker could be following Nio’s footsteps and entering the battery swapping game.

According to a report from the Chinese publication Gasgoo, Tesla’s business license had recently been amended. The reported change added “the sale of new energy vehicle (NEV)-related battery swapping facilities.”

When reached for comment, Tesla China denied the report saying it will not be adding battery swaps to its business.

Tesla said all the way back in 2013 it would offer battery swaps, with the idea that it would be quicker than Supercharging. With the rapid expansion of the Supercharger network, it has since abandoned that idea.

One of Tesla’s competitors in China, Nio, launched their own battery swapping business in 2017. Built around a subscription service, owners can sign up for different battery sizes and have their batteries swapped out in minutes.

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