Non-Tesla Supercharger pilot expands to five new European countries

Tesla has officially opened up more Superchargers to all electric vehicles (EVs) in five new European countries today.

The Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot program launched in November 2021 and was limited to just one country, the Netherlands. Today the program has expanded to Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland, brining the total number of participating countries to thirteen.

Not all Superchargers in these countries will be available to all EVs, as Tesla has limited it to a select number of stations. Unlike previous expansions, Tesla did not specify how many stations in each country are within the program, but their map shows much of Europe is now peppered with non-Tesla Superchargers from the tip of Norway down to the south coast of Spain.

To use the Superchargers, owners of non-Tesla EVs will have to download the Tesla mobile app and set up an account. They can select to either pay by use, or if they expect to be using the Superchargers a lot they can opt to purchase a monthly membership plan which provides with them lower charging fees.

Once they have selected their plan and entered payment details, they can simply pull up to the Supercharger, use the app to enter which stall they are using, and start charging.

Earlier this week we told you about a single Supercharger station in Germany that was available for just a few hours to non-Tesla EVs, hinting that the program may soon expand to other countries.

Tesla briefly opens Supercharger in Germany to other EVs, hinting at expansion of pilot program

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