Tesla hacker uncovers Autopilot ‘augmented reality’ view

Fresh off hacking into Tesla’s developer mode for Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta, @greentheonly has now discovered a new augmented reality view for the self-driving software.

In a series of late night tweets, green showed off the new view as well as the code behind it. There were also some interesting pieces of “dead code” included like coast2coast and map selection.

The hacker also shared a number of videos of the new view, showing just how much data the car is taking in and processing in real-time.

While the new views are new to us, they look exactly like what Tesla has shown in the past. A similar view was shown when highlighting development of FSD, and when recruiting for positions within the FSD software team like the video below from earlier this year.

The FSD beta software is still in limited release in the US. CEO Elon Musk hinted at a wider release in the middle part of December, so it wouldn’t be surprising to hear an update from Musk any day now.

The timing of a wider release would also be good news for Canadians, as Musk has said the self-driving software would “hopefully” come to Canada in December.

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