Tesla hack reveals treasure trove of FSD beta settings

FSD beta dev mode

Tesla hacker @greentheonly has been very busy lately. After revealing the ability to livestream videos to your mobile app and navigation waypoints were coming soon, he has also uncovered a myriad of settings available in the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software.

After breaking in to the FSD beta developer mode, green was able to give us a look at the literally hundreds of settings behind the scenes that make the self-driving software work.

As you can see, a number of the settings are turned on by default, while many others like “Chiropractor Adjust Skeleton” are turned off (and also leave us very confused). As green points out, there are so many settings that it’s overwhelming, and likely only make sense to the dev team at Tesla working on the project.

The other interesting part about the dev mode hack was seeing how much the car actually sees and processes from its surrounding environment as it drives down the street. When the first videos of the FSD beta software were released, we were all amazed by how much the car could “see” compared to the current FSD visualizations. In dev mode, we can see that there is even more that the car sees and processes.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is still hoping to have a wider release of the FSD beta software before the end of the year. In late November Musk said a wider release was “probably” going to happen in about 2 weeks. According to that timeline, it could happen this weekend.

Canadians are still anxiously awaiting the release of FSD beta north of the border. Also in November, Musk said he was hoping the self-driving software would be release in December.

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