Tesla to improve bottom bar customization in 2022.12 software update, add Disney+ support outside the US

After facing strong criticism for the V11 user interface (UI), Tesla has started making some small changes to bring back some features that were removed with the update.

They appear to be adding more based on a leaked photograph of the release notes of their next software update, 2022.12.

The photo, first shared by @techAU, shows there will be a new “Addition Bottom Bar Customization” feature.

Unfortunately we don’t get a photo of the detailed notes, but we can make some guesses.

When Tesla first released the new UI last year, some frequently used functions like the controls for the heated seats were removed, so it would not be surprising to see it added back with this update.

The bottom bar also currently allows you to add four shortcuts, along with an additional space for the most recently used shortcut.

There have been many requests from owners for Tesla to allow more customization of this area and add more room for additional shortcuts.

What the photo does show is that this update will add support for Disney+ in Australia, where the photo reportedly originated from.

As you may recall, Canadian Tesla owners still don’t have Disney+. Elon Musk revealed last year that Disney restricted Tesla to only releasing it in the United States.

This addition in Australia hopefully means Tesla and Disney have been able to work through the details and it will be released in more regions, including Canada, with the 2022.12 software update.

2022.12 Release Notes

Additional Bottom Bar Customization

Coming soon…


Tesla Theater now supports Disney+. To launch Tesla Theater, tap the Theater icon in the Application Launcher while your car is in PARK.

Child Lock

Coming soon…

Additional Mobile App Controls

Coming soon…

New Language Support

Coming soon…

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