Tesla finally releases in-car TeslaCam and Sentry Mode viewer via software update

Tesla last night started pushing out their latest software update, 2020.12.5 (and apparently already 2020.12.5.1), and included one of the most user-requested features in it that is going to make a lot of Tesla owners happy.

The new feature, called Dashcam Viewer, allows owners to access and view TeslaCam (dashcam) or Sentry Mode directly from the touchscreen within the vehicle. Until now, owners would have to remove their USB storage device and plug it into either their computer (or phone if you have third party software) to view the footage.

Tesla dashcam viewer

Within the new feature, all of the different camera angles will appear overlaid over the main image. Users will have the ability to tap each angle to bring up that view as the main image.

While storage is not so much an issue anymore as videos are now overwritten as space gets low, it is also going to be much easier to delete unwanted footage. A trash can icon will be included, which allows you to simply tap the icon to delete the footage you are currently viewing.

This new feature is going to be extremely handy as the sometimes tedious process of accessing your recordings sometimes meant they went unwatched.

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