Tesla Full Self-Driving beta wide release to happen in about two weeks: Elon Musk

After revealing earlier this week that the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta is hopefully coming to Canada next month, CEO Elon Musk said on Friday a wider rollout in the US is coming soon.

First released about five weeks ago, the self-driving software has already seen five updates, with beta testers releasing numerous videos showing off its almost human-like behaviours.

Before it was released, Musk has publicly hoped for a wide release before the end of the year. With just over four weeks to go, it looks like he might just meet that timeline after saying it will probably happen in about two weeks.

How wide the release will be is still the million dollar question. Based on information we have heard, there is a big push at Tesla to get the software out to as many owners in the US as possible before the end of the year. There is good chance it could even be a full release to all owners.

The rate at which the FSD beta software has been improving has been impressive to witness. With the latest FSD beta 5 update, 2020.44.15.3, released earlier this week, many beta testers have commented the car feels much more confident when the feature is engaged.

That confidence was evident in a video from beta tester James Locke, who shared his 10-minute drive to Starbucks that required zero interventions. That wasn’t the most impressive part though, but instead how it was able to easily handle a very tricky turning situation and drive itself into the parking lot of the Starbucks.

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