TeslaCam captures crazy road rage overtake attempt on highway shoulder

The Tesla Model 3 has eight cameras that continuously monitor the surrounding environment, with some of them also acting as dashcams and recording video at the same time.

The TeslaCam and Sentry Mode footage comes in handy when capturing thefts or vandalism, but it can also record how other drivers can sometimes lose all judgement when behind the wheel of a car.

That was the case recently in Victoria, British Columbia when Model 3 owner Brent Nicholson captured what appears to a case of road rage leading to an extremely unsafe overtake maneuver on a local highway.

The incident took place on a stretch of Highway 17 that has a speed limit of 80km/h (50mph). Nicholson was in the travelling lane doing the speed limit when a black Dodge Caravan approaches in the passing lane.

As the minivan comes into focus we can see a Ford Fiesta tailgating just a few feet off its bumper. Even though the Dodge is doing what you are supposed to do in the passing lane, it clearly wasn’t fast enough for the Ford driver.

Moments later the Fiesta driver has clearly had enough and performs an extremely unsafe overtake maneuver on the highway shoulder. Dust and debris kick up as the Ford driver appears to momentarily swerve towards the minivan to show his apparent disgust.

Fortunately for everyone involved, including those driving nearby, the driver was able to complete the pass without causing a major accident. At least the Ford driver remembered to use his turn signal to move back into the travelling lane after the crazy overtake attempt.

Nicholson tells Drive Tesla he didn’t take note of the license plate in the heat of the moment, and unfortunately the video didn’t capture it either. Nicholson added the car sped off and he lost sight of it too quickly to catch up.

The video was sent to local police but they were unable to identify the suspect.

You can watch the full video below.

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