Help catch a vandal who viciously attacked a Tesla Model 3 for no reason [Video]

Even though the Tesla Model 3 has been out for over three years, and we’ve seen numerous cases of vandals and thieves being caught red-handed by Sentry Mode, it appears there are still a lot of people who don’t know Tesla vehicles are always watching.

The latest incident comes from Altamonte Springs, Florida, where Melissa’s Model 3 was badly vandalized for seemingly no reason at all.

After leaving her car in a parking lot near 434 and Maitland Blvd, with Sentry Mode activated, a red Jetta can be seen pulling up right next to her Model 3. Moments later the driver’s door is swung open with extreme force, leaving what she describes as “a huge dent and scratches” in her rear door.

The criminal wasn’t done yet – he then partially exits his vehicle and smashes the drivers door twice with some kind of heavy object, possibly a flashlight, causing further damage to the driver’s door.

Fortunately it was all caught on Sentry Mode, and we get a perfect look at the criminal’s face. Unfortunately due to the position of the car, she was unable to capture his license plate.

vandal close
Image via Melissa Mel /Facebook

Melissa says she has contacted the local police department, which has opened a file and detectives will soon be assigned to the case.

In the meantime, if anyone recognizes the vandal, you can contact the victim through her original post on Facebook below, which includes the videos.

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