Tesla Sentry Mode captures thieves red handed stealing wheels of neighbouring car

Sentry Mode Infiniti

Sentry Mode doesn’t just benefit Tesla owners by capturing thieves and vandals in the act, it can also bear witness to those same acts committed on vehicles nearby.

That was the case recently in Tennessee where the cameras on a Tesla Model 3 captured thieves red handed stealing wheels off a neighbouring car.

The incident took place in the parkade of the Saint Francis Hospital in Memphis last month. In the video we see two thieves, one who apparently can’t afford properly fitting pants, jacking up an Infiniti Q70. In under one minute both wheels on the left hand side of the car are gone.

Fortunately the criminals are nice enough to lower the car down on a brick, and don’t let it drop the ground thereby avoiding substantial damage to the car.

The Tesla owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells Drive Tesla all four wheels ended up being stolen.

While the theft is shocking, especially in how quickly it all happened, it is still surprising to see how many people remain unaware that even committing a crime near a Tesla is a bad idea, and will likely lead to your eventual arrest.

The video has been provided to local security at the hospital. If anyone recognizes either of the criminals, please email tips@driveteslacanada.ca and we can pass the information along.

If you have an interesting Sentry Mode video you would like to share with us, you can send it to the same email address.

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