Tesla owner turns his Model 3 into an air conditioner for his house during heatwave

The west coast of Canada and the US experienced a major heatwave last week, the likes of which has never been seen before in the area. Lytton, in the interior of British Columbia, set the all-time Canadian high temperature record of 49.6°C (118°F) on June 28.

After two days of dealing with unbearably high temperatures in his house, Drive Tesla reader Jay (@jhristv) was looking for a way to survive the heat after being unable to find any air conditioners at local stores around Vancouver, BC.

That’s when he came up with the idea to turn his Model 3 into a portable air conditioner.

Armed with several cardboard boxes and plastic bags, he fashioned a duct that ran from the driver side window into his house. With the help of some portable box fans, the cool air from the Tesla made its way into his house.

In an interview, Jay said he ran his Model 3 for about 10 hours each day using Camp Mode. He told us the improvised setup “had a pretty significant effect” on the temperature in his house. Not only that, it also had a big impact on the humidity and even more so, CO2 levels in the house.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has talked several times before about his desire to build Tesla HVAC solutions for your home. Maybe Jay can provide him with some valuable product development insight when he does.

You can check out the Tesla AC in the video below. It even inspired others to create a similar setups with their Teslas.

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