Gun pointed at Tesla driver during road rage incident in California captured on TeslaCam [Video]

In what can only be described as a shocking incident, a Tesla driver in San Diego, California, experienced a road rage incident involving a weapon.

The entire incident was caught on TeslaCam.

A 20-year-old college student named Tom was driving his parents Tesla around noon on Tuesday in San Diego. Tom turned left onto the left hand lane of the entrance ramp to Interstate 5.

A truck, who was turning right onto the same entrance ramp almost hit him as he swerved over to Tom’s lane. Tom avoided the collision. In addition, as one does, the college student honks his horn.

What the Tesla‘s side and back cameras catch next is shocking. The Toyota Tacoma, who almost hit him, veers several lanes to the left and then ends up back behind the Tesla. While behind the Tesla the Tacoma’s driver seems to point a gun at the Tesla driver. Luckily another vehicle got between the Tacoma and the Tesla allowing the Tesla time to get some separation.

The college student sped up and got off at the next exit before calling 9-1-1.

Tom has since turned over the video to the California Highway Patrol. The video includes the man’s face pointing a gun and Tacoma’s licence plate.

Tom hopes that the video can lead to the man getting off the road.

The California Highway Patrol Oceanside office is leading the ongoing investigation, according to ABC10.

Check out the shocking video yourself down below:

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