Tesla facing Autopilot probe in Germany


Tesla faces a probe by Germany’s motor vehicle office over its Autopilot feature. The regulatory scrutiny is looking at Autopilot’s automated lane-change function and whether it is approved for use in Europe.

This latest probe came to the surface after reporting by the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

As per the report, German regulators are in touch with the Netherland’s vehicle agency about the probe, but did not specify the exact nature of the issue other than it “may not be permitted in Europe.”

The Netherlands’s vehicle agency is responsible for approving Tesla vehicles in Europe.

This German probe is the least of Tesla’s problems in the European nation. Tesla’s first European factory outside of Berlin is still facing regulatory hurdles before it can fully open.

Currently, the company faces opposition from environmental groups who slowed down approvals over concerns around water use and wildlife issues around the plant.

Tesla is facing probes and investigations around the world at the moment.

In the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened a second probe into a possible Autopilot defect.

While in South Korea, the country’s antitrust regulator launched an investigation into exaggerated range claims.

At least to say, Tesla is cooperating with all the government probes and investigations. However, 2022 is shaping up as another long and bureaucratic mess for the US automaker.

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