Tesla adds cargo hooks to rear trunk of made-in-China Model Y, Parcel Shelf added to owner’s manual

Tesla is well known for making continuous improvements to their vehicles. The latest example of that is a change to the Model Y made at Giga Shanghai.

According to a recent update to the owner’s manual, the rear trunk area in the Model Y now includes four hooks.

The manual says the hooks, two of which are located toward the front and two toward the back, are designed to be used with lashing devices to secure loose objects in the cargo area.

If you are unfamiliar with a lashing device, it can be any device in the trunk area to keep objects in place. This is most commonly a mesh net, as illustrated in the image in the owner’s manual.

The Tesla Shop does not yet have a cargo net like this available for the Model Y. One should be added soon as they do offer one for the Model X which sells for $70 CAD or $50 USD.

Model Y Parcel Shelf

Along with the new cargo hooks, the owner’s manual for made-in-China cars now also includes reference to the cargo cover, or as Tesla calls it a parcel shelf.

Tesla describes it in the manual as follows:

Model Y is equipped with a parcel shelf that covers the rear trunk cargo. This is useful when you want to conceal valuables, keep the sun away from groceries, or minimize noise from rustling objects. Simply push the shelf backward to fold it in, and pull the shelf forward to unfold it for use.

To remove, fold the back panel and lift the parcel shelf upward with your hand underneath the bottom of the shelf to disengage the tabs and magnets in the front corners. Then slide the parcel shelf out.

Here is a video of the parcel shelf in action.

This new accessory was first spotted in China last year and at the time said to be offered as a free retrofit to existing owners, but we have yet to hear any confirmation of that.

The North American version of the owner’s manuals do not mention either the cargo hooks or the Parcel Shelf, but as with everything else Tesla introduces first in China, expect these to make it to Fremont (and Giga Texas?) soon.

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