Tesla Cybertruck hits new US milestone, becoming best-selling vehicle over 100k in June

The Tesla Cybertruck is setting new milestones in the United States, leading the over $100,000 plus segment in sales in June.

Per Kelley Blue Book data, Tesla sold more than 3,200 units with an average transaction price of $112,696. It is a little unclear how and where KBB got their numbers, but it is positive news for Tesla investors.

The reason for the lack of clarity is Tesla itself has kept exact Cybertruck delivery numbers under wraps. The only public number we have seen was concerning the NHTSA safety recall of the Cybertruck, which included 11,688 units. However, it was unclear how many of those units were delivered, on the production line or still in Tesla staging areas waiting to be delivered.

In addition to the good news around the Cybertruck, overall EV sales in Q2 of 2024 are strong.

Per Tesla investor Sawyer Merritt on X EV sales in Q2 improved on a decent Q1 and saw a year-over-year increase.


With the strong EV sales, it looks like that it will be a two truck race for the title of best-selling electric pickup between the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Tesla Cybertruck in 2024. However, given the price difference between the two, it will be an uphill battle for the Cybertruck for the overall title.

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