Sentry Mode Live Camera Access comes to Canada and Europe in 2021 Holiday Software Update

In October Tesla released Sentry Model Live Camera Access, which as the name implies allowed owners to watch live video streams from their car on their mobile device.

Unfortunately the feature was limited to owners in the United States, with no explanation from Tesla on when or if it would make it north of the border.

Apparently Canadians have been good this year, as Tesla has included Live Sentry Mode Camera Access in the Holiday Software Update released earlier tonight.

The first mention of the possibility it could be included came from hacker @greentheonly, who noted it was “added in other countries,” but the list of which ones was “convoluted” but it looked like Europe and North America.

The addition of the new feature was then confirmed by one of our readers in Quebec who shared this image with us.

sentry live canada

UPDATE Dec 23 12:03am PST: The feature is also in Europe, as confirmed by one of our readers in Germany.

Before you get too excited, the feature does require a Premium Connectivity subscription, which will set you back $13.99 per month.

That may get a little cheaper soon with the introduction of an annual fee instead of monthly.


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