Tesla Model Y gets range increase in Germany, Performance deliveries begin in March

Tesla has increased the estimated range of both Model Y variants available in Germany.

The Long Range saw its range increase from 537km to 565km when equipped with the 19″ Gemini wheels. With the 20″ Induction wheels, the range is now 533km, up from 507km.

The Performance variant can now travel 514km on a full charge, up from the previous 480km estimate. (h/t: @Niklas_1E)

All estimates are based on the WLTP rating schedule, which is more generous than the North American EPA ratings.

The change indicates the electric SUV has received a new battery pack from LG, known as Y5LD.

This pack has a capacity of 82kWh, compared to the previous LG Y5CD battery that has a capacity of 77kWh.

UPDATE 11:20pm PST: The Model 3 Long Range has seen its range decrease from 614km to 602km on 19″ wheels, and 637km to 626km on 18″ aeros.

Model Y Performance Deliveries in Germany

Along with the range increase, another important change is the Model Y Performance now has a specific estimated delivery date.

Earlier today it was showing as “Early 2022,” compared to the March 2022 date now displayed.

We first told you this change could be happening after a new entry was recently discovered in the source code, however the date in the code was May 2022.

With a much shorter delivery window now, there is a good chance these Performance SUVs could be coming from Giga Berlin.

UPDATE 11:16pm PST: The German Design Studio is only displaying March 2022 for black and white Performance Model Ys. It was previously suggested that Giga Berlin will start production with these colours. This all but confirms Tesla is now estimating March deliveries for Giga Berlin made cars. (h/t: @tesla_adri)

UPDATE 11:37pm PST: Customers with existing orders in Germany are seeing updates to their accounts in which they can now finalize their orders, as seen in these images shared by one of our readers. They can progress as far as making the final payment, but it presents an error message for now. Customers that have orders for other colours are still being told they will be contacted as their delivery date nears.

performance msm

As recently as last week Tesla was granted an approval to build 2,000 test Model Ys, but is still waiting to receive the elusive final approvals from German officials to begin production at the factory.

We already know that when it does, the first cars rolling off the production line will be the high margin Performance variant, so this is a good indication Tesla believes they will be able to hand over the first made in Germany cars to customers in March.

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