Tesla Megacharger installation at Giga Nevada wraps up construction

Tesla has been hard at work developing the Semi in preparation for volume production, which as of the last update was delayed until 2023.

Much of the work currently going on is taking place at Giga Nevada, where they started limited production of the Semi in early December.

Leading up to that milestone, Tesla started installing the first Megachargers, high powered chargers for the electric hauler, in September.

Just as the first deliveries are expected to take place, Tesla has now completed construction on the 4-stall installation at Giga Nevada.

New drone footage shared by Twitter user 6463 OttoPilot (@6463dc) with Sawyer Merritt shows all four Megachargers pedestals are now unwrapped and ready for use.

Tesla has so far been quiet about the performance specs of the massive chargers. As we have previously reported, they are expected to reach peak charging speeds of 1.5MW, compared to 250kW (and soon to be 324kW) with the fastest V3 Superchargers.

They are also in the process of installing another station in Modesto, California. Those are being installed ahead of the first deliveries to PepsiCo for what is presumed to be a pilot project with its subsidiary, Frito-Lay.

You can watch the drone flyover of Giga Nevada and the secondary Tesla Semi facility below.



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