Three Semis sighted together as Tesla prepares for deliveries

Tesla will start delivering the electric Semi truck before the end of the year. As the EV company prepares for the milestone, observant Tesla followers have been reporting increasing sightings of the prototype truck. Some, like those in a video posted by Twitter @Shoaib117A.

Semi buyers may be able to save up to $40,000 per truck through US EV tax.

Shoaib, who happens to be an EV advocate, sighted three Semis on the road. Two of them had trailers attached, but the middle truck was not. They all appear ready for production.

Tesla unveiled the Semi at an event in 2017 and was supposed to enter production in 2019. But repeated delays have prevented pre-order holders from taking delivery of their battery-powered trucks. However, CEO Elon Musk has stated that delivery will start this year, beginning with the 500-mile version. The truck’s page on the website has been updated with more info about specs.

Tesla has been recruiting Semi Service Technicians to provide mobile technical services for the truck. It also stopped orders for the Semi through the website.

The company has also been building out its Megacharger network. This is the version of the Supercharger network for the larger vehicle. One of the earliest Semi buyers, PepsiCo, has had Megachargers installed in preparation for delivery.

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