PepsiCo files to build 8 stall Tesla Semi Megacharger in Fresno

PepsiCo is going to need more charging infrastructure to support their growing fleet of Tesla Semi trucks. With hopes of adding as many as 100 of the class 8 electric trucks this year, the company has filed permits to install what will be the largest Megacharger station built to date.

PepsiCo already has two Megacharger stations at their Modesto and Sacramento plants, both of which feature 4 Megachargers each. Now the company plans to double that and add a new 8 stall Megacharger in Fresno, California.

According to permits uncovered by Marco (@MarcoRPTesla), the 8 stall Megacharger will be built at 2945 S East Avenue, and will be double the size of the existing installations at their other facilities, and even that of the station built at Giga Nevada.


Pepsi has so far taken delivery of dozens of Tesla Semi trucks since the special delivery event in November last year, and as we noted above is hoping to have a fleet of 100 this year. The company is testing the electric Semi truck alongside Tesla, who will also be using the Semi in their daily operations to transport goods between their factories in California.

Elon Musk has said the near continuous use of the Semi by their own drivers will provide them with a great feedback loop to help them refine and update the vehicle based on real-life data. The testing has not been without hiccups however as Tesla Semi trucks have been spotted either on the back of a tow truck or sitting on the side of the road waiting to be towed.

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