Pepsi confirms plan to roll out 100 Tesla Semis in 2023

tesla semi
Credit: Tesla

Pepsi’s top supply chain official confirmed the soda company plans to roll out 100 Tesla Semi trucks in 2023.

Pepsi Vice President Mike O’Connell confirmed the news in an interview with Reuters.

Per the interview, Pepsi will buy the trucks outright and upgrade its plants to include Tesla charging stalls.

O’Connell also confirmed both the Pepsi locations in Modesto and Sacramento each have four Megacharger stalls to support the growing fleet.

Earlier this week Drive Tesla reported exclusively on the Sacramento Megachargers.

Pepsi plans to use the trucks for short-haul routes and deliveries, including to Walmart and Kroger.

The plan is for the company to split the trucks between Frito-Lay and the soda divisions.

So far, the company has confirmed that it has deployed 36 trucks to Frito-Lay, with 15 in Modesto and 21 in Sacramento.

The company is still determining where they will deploy the rest of the Tesla Semi trucks.

Per O’Connell, Pepsi can get around 425 miles with Frito-Lay products and is planning to make shorter trips with soda loads of around 100 miles.

The initial order of Tesla Semis going to Pepsi will be 500-mile versions, but the company has also ordered the 300-mile version.

The plan is to roll the 300-mile versions into the fleet as they come in.

Once the rollout in California is completed, Pepsi will then roll Tesla Semis out to its facilities in the Central US and then to the East Coast.

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