VW is expected to scrap Audi’s Artemis autonomous driving project

Audi’s venture to bring autonomous driving to its cars is over as of next week. The Artemis project aimed to bring Level 4 fully autonomous self-driving cars by 2024.

However, the project had shown little advancement via the VW Group’s Cariad Unit.

Although the project is not officially scrapped, it apparently will be as of next week.

Automotive News Europe expects VW Group CEO Oliver Blume to scrap the project as part of a revamped software roadmap. The roadmap will be vital to the upcoming supervisory board meeting on December 15, which the board asked for back in May after multiple delays and overspending issues from the Cariad group.

As per Handelsblatt, VW Group’s 1.1 and 1.2 software platforms will continue developing under the new roadmap.

The group will rename 1.2 to Software Premium and be destined for Porsche and Audi by the decade’s end. The rest of the VW Group will use 1.1.

However, the Porsche-developed SSP61 will still launch in 2026 and underpin the Porsche Panamera, Audi Landjet and Audi Landyacht.

Once those three cars are launched, all new Audi and Porsche vehicles will go on 1.2.

A more advanced 2.0 software suit may come, but it will not be before 2028. The only car currently slated for 2.0 is the VW Trinity, the brand’s upcoming flagship. Although the $2 billion plant that was supposed to build that EV is now possibly shelved too.

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