Starlink powered 100 hours of Fortnite gaming and livestreaming at a castle in Spain

SpaceX Starlink has been put through its paces in different settings. The latest application is a worldwide gaming event, as it powered 100 hours of Fortnite and 50 hours of livestreaming.

To promote his company’s satellite internet service, Elon Musk has claimed Starlink can support real-time competitive video gaming. That was put to the test at Epic Games’ global event to mark the release of ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 1.’

The event was held at the Castillo de Almodovar castle in Spain, with other locations joining worldwide.

Fortnite recorded one hundred hours of online gaming and 50 hours of livestreaming at the event. There was no hiccup throughout the program.

SpaceX has more than 3200 satellites in orbit and has obtained the FCC’s approval for 7,500 next-gen satellites.

The castle hosting the event features in the current season of Fortnite. However, one of the Spanish gamers known as ‘Hiper’ on Twitch and YoutTube did not forget to thank Starlink for the event’s success. He posted on Twitter, “I do not forget the technical team that spent 3 days working to make sure everything went well, and SpaceX Starlink for an internet connection that worked perfectly in a bloody castle.” [Tweet translated from Spanish].

In reply to Hiper, SpaceX’s official Twitter account showed a clip of Starlink in snowy Japan and Scotland, suggesting gamers in the country used Starlink to connect too.

Meanwhile, SpaceX has postponed the introduction of data caps to February 2023.

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