Porsche may offer Taycan track pack that broke Nurburgring record outside Germany

Porsche cars are known for speed and high performance. Earlier this year, the electric Taycan Turbo S broke the speed record for its category on the Nurburgring Nordschleife, completing a lap in 7:33.

The automaker now offers buyers of the Taycan Turbo S a track pack that upgrades the car to the same specs as the record-breaking car, but it is only available in Germany.

However, buyers outside Germany may also soon be able to get the performance pack that helped the electric sports car achieve the feat.

2023 Porsche Taycan gets increased range estimates through software improvements

The Performance Kit is currently available for €13,377 (~$18,500 CAD) through Porsche Tequipment.

The kit includes 21-inch RS Spyder-shaped lightweight wheels with Pirelli P Zero Corsa performance tires. Not only are the tires high performance they are also wider in the front (275mm vs 265mm) and rear (325mm vs 305mm) providing a larger contact area and therefore better grip.

Porsche also added updated software for the chassis control system and modified suspension tuning.

As mentioned, Porsche only offers the Performance Kit on the Taycan Turbo S models, and only in Germany. However, Autocar reports that the kit may offer it outside of Germany, but the stumbling block is the cost of attainting type approval in each market.

If Porsche can see there is enough demand in certain markets they will go through the effort, and cost, to obtain that approval.

The publication cited a Porsche spokesperson “responsible for the Taycan.”

Porsche recently celebrated producing the 100,000th Taycan EV. The EV also got a boost in driving range thanks to a software update.

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