U.S. Department of Homeland Security will test Ford Mustang Mach-E cruisers next year

Ford Mach E Interceptor
Credit: Ford

The U.S. Government announced this week a new executive order that will end gas-powered fleet vehicle purchases by 2035.

The target was a little more aggressive for light-duty vehicles, requiring them to be zero-emission by 2027.

According to the order, the Department of Homeland Security already has a head start. The government agency has purchased two Ford Mustang Mach-E cars as part of a field testing operation.

It is unclear which variant of the Mach-E DHS will receive early next year. Ford does have a purpose-built Interceptor Mach-E, but it was created specifically for Michigan State Police testing earlier this year.

The testing involved high speed runs, acceleration and braking tests, and a review of the overall characteristics required for a police vehicle. The Mach-E passed, becoming to first EV to do so.

If it is just as successful for DHS, it could turn into a lucrative deal for Ford. According to the White House, the DHS fleet currently totals around 30,000 vehicles.

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Source: Ford Authority

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