Ford expands Mustang Mach-E Police Evaluation to Michigan

As part of yearly testing, the Michigan State Police will test the Ford Mach-E. Every September, the State Police round up all available police package vehicles and thoroughly test them over several days.

The Michigan State Police publish the results for all police agencies to use in their selection process of new vehicles.

The current lineup of Ford police and special service vehicles does not include the Mach-E. However, the company has prepared a special prototype for agencies to evaluate, Forbes reports.

Insiders believe this is a good sign that Ford will add the Mach-E to their Ford Interceptor police and special service vehicles lineup if the testing goes well.

Police agencies are concerned about more than just performance. The cost of the vehicle is often a large consideration. However, with the lower energy consumption and reduced service and maintenance costs, the Mach-E could be an attractive option for many police forces.

The expansion of the program to North America follows the announcement earlier this month that a Mach-E has been outfitted for police trials in the UK.

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