Tesla’s V4 Supercharger roll out expands to Australia

Tesla has expanded their roll out of V4 Superchargers to a new continent, as a new Supercharger station has popped up with the company’s latest charging technology in Australia.

Tesla installed their first V4 Supercharger in Harderwijk, Netherlands in March, shortly after the company announced the new Supercharger posts during a presentation at Investor Day. The initial roll out of V4 Superchargers was slow as Tesla tested out their new charging technology in the real world, ensuring that it met their stringent standards in terms of charging speed and reliability. After a few months later and the company opened their second V4 Supercharger, also in Europe, but this time in France.

Since then the company has been rapidly expanding the number of V4 installations, which includes both brand new stations and retrofits of existing stations to update them to the latest charging posts, with the expansion also going overseas to the US. While Canada has yet to see a V4 Supercharger yet, Tesla has installed their first V4 Supercharger in Australia.

A 16 stall station has popped up in Albury, a city three and a half hours from Melbourne. While the site hasn’t been activated yet, it could be powered up this week, according to X user @julesboag.

As with other V4 installations in Europe and the US, these Supercharger posts are still limited to 250kW. While they are rated for 350kW, Tesla is still installing the same accompanying infrastructure that limits them to 250kW, the same charging speeds offered by the V3 Superchargers.

While they have yet to attain the higher charging speeds, one of the benefits of the new V4 Superchargers over its predecessors are the charging cables, which are some 3ft longer. This makes it much easier for the cables to reach the non-standardized charge port locations on other electric vehicles (EVs). In the US the V4 Superchargers also include a built-in CCS adapter, and the newer installations also feature a credit card reader and payment screen.

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