First Tesla V4 Supercharger station now open in the Netherlands

Tesla has officially opened their first V4 Supercharger station in the Netherlands. The new Supercharger has been under construction for several weeks and just yesterday we reported that the work had wrapped up, testing had begun and that it was expected to open this month.

The testing obviously went smoothly because 24 hours later the station is now open, according to an update from the official Tesla Charging Twitter account. The new design of the Supercharger allows for a longer cable, which Tesla says will provide easier access for all electric vehicles (EVs).

Despite highlighting the fact it will be easier for non-Tesla EVs to use the V4 Supercharger’s longer cable, this station in Harderwijk is only open to Tesla vehicles, for now. Tesla says this is so that they can track and evaluate the performance of the new units, and if everything goes smoothly they will open it up to owners of other EVs.

While Tesla has now officially announced the station is open, we still don’t know what is “under the hood” of these new units. The previous V3 Supercharger peaks at 250kW, so many are expecting the V4 Supercharger to be around 300kW to 350kW at peak speeds.

We probably won’t have to wait long to find out though as Tesla owners will be rushing to try out this brand new V4 Supercharger.

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