Ford gives dealers more time to decide whether to get on board with EVs

Ford Mach-E

Ford wants to move to EVs as quickly as possible. However, it has to carry along its dealers, who are finding it expensive to transition to EVs.

According to Automotive News, the American automaker has now given the undecided dealers a month extension to consider whether to make the move.

Ford attempts to convince dealers to sell at Tesla’s lower prices

The dealers have to invest up to $1.2 million and meet other technical requirements to sell Ford EVs next year. Ford gave them till October 31st to decide but has now moved the deadline to December 2nd.

The postponement was necessary after some of the dealers requested more time.

Ford’s spokesperson, Marty Gunsberg, said, “We value our relationship with our dealers and have decided to provide additional time for dealers who have not yet decided or asked for more time.”

Meanwhile, Lincoln dealers have until December 15th to decide whether they will spend up to $900,000 to qualify to sell the brand’s EVs.

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