Coral Gables Police Department shows off new Tesla Model Y patrol car

The Coral Gables police department is officially going electric by purchasing a Tesla Model Y for patrolling.

Per CBS News Miami, the police department showed off the new Model Y patrol car outfitted with police lights, decals and sirens for the first time this week.

The department purchased the $50,000 vehicle as part of the City of Coral Gables City Beautiful pilot program. The police department intends to run a pilot program on the usability of Teslas for police operations. When you take in the $7,500 EV federal subsidy, the cost is about the same as the department would pay for a Ford Excursion police unit.

Although city staff is excited at the potential cost savings, Ed Hudak, Chief of Police, is still concerned about the vehicle being used for police activities. He noted:

“It has to be able to hold prisoners. It has to be able to hold a lot of equipment in the trunk, and power lights, sirens and a police computer that’s on the entire time.”

However, this should not be an issue if other pilots in the area are any indication. Neighboring Hallandale Beach Police Department is also running a Tesla patrol vehicle on a similar pilot program and has noted the police car has met the standards of the police department for work as a patrol vehicle.

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