Tesla’s V4 Superchargers in the US include integrated CCS adapter and credit card reader

Tesla has started installing their latest V4 Superchargers in the US, but unlike the installations that have taken place across Europe, the V4 posts in North America feature an integrated CCS adapter. They also include a credit card reader and payment screen.

We told you about the first V4 installation in the US being spotted last week in Oregon, where an 8-stall station is being built in Wilsonville. Since then at least two other V4 installations have been spotted in Nevada and Alabama. We don’t know if the V4 installations in North America will include upgraded cabinets that provide more power than the current V3 stations, but we now know they will include an integrated CCS adapter and payment screen.

According to an up close photo of the V4 posts in Nevada (it is actually a retrofit from V3 to V4) shared on TMC, the integrated CCS adapter looks to be the same as the Magic Dock that Tesla has been retrofitting to dozens of V3 stations in North America over the past year. However the Magic Dock is seamlessly integrated into the design of the post itself. This adapter allows owners of CCS-equipped electric vehicles (EVs) to plug in and use the Supercharger network.

As we already know, this isn’t the only V4 Supercharger design element that takes into consideration owners of non-Tesla EVs, as these charging posts also feature longer charging cables (9.5ft vs 6.5ft). This makes it easier for these owners to plug in as not all EVs have their charge port located in the same spot.

Interestingly, these V4 posts in Nevada also feature a credit card reader and payment screen. These payment screens first appeared in Europe earlier this year, and was added due to regulations in some markets that require charging stations to have payment systems directly on the charge post itself.

Tesla has so far relied on the mobile app to do that, even for the non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot Program, this could mean that contactless payments could be coming to Superchargers in the US soon.

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