Tesla opens second V4 Supercharger station

Tesla has quietly opened its second V4 Supercharger station in Europe, this time in France. The new Supercharger comes nearly four months after the company opened its first V4 station in the Netherlands, and will eventually offer much higher charging speeds and better able to accommodate non-Tesla EVs.

The V4 Supercharger station in France went unnoticed until its opening late last week. The site is located at the Ibis hotel in Clermont-Ferrand and features 12 V4 stalls. One of those is also a pull-through stall, making it much easier for Tesla owners towing a trailer to plug in and charge up their car.

The site also features a large canopy covering 11 of the 12 stalls. While the cover is actually less of a cover and more of a steel structure at the moment, but it will eventually be finished with solar panels.

Tesla’s two V4 Supercharger stations currently offer the same charging speeds as V3 Superchargers, but based on the specs printed on the individual stalls it is capable of delivering charging speeds of 1000KW (1MW) in the future. The speeds are currently lower than that because Tesla is still installing the same infrastructure to support the V4 stations as it does with its V3 stations. We don’t know when that is expected to change, but hopefully it will be soon after Tesla has conducted more testing.

Aside from faster charging speeds, one of the other advantages of the V4 Superchargers is a longer charging cable. This makes it easier for non-Tesla EV owners whose charge ports are located on other areas of their cars to plug in. This would prove very helpful when Tesla opens up their Supercharger network to Ford, GM, Rivian and others next year in North America, but we have yet to see any signs of a V4 installation in Canada or the United States. We also don’t know when that will change, but we do know that we will see thousands installed over the next few years. As part of their deals with other automakers, Drive Tesla has learned the automaker agreed to a massive ramp up of V4 installations in North America by 2027.

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