Tesla V4 Supercharger speed tops out at 350kW

Tesla has now opened up four of their latest V4 Supercharger stations across Europe, with the first one opening in the Netherlands back in March. In a planning document for one of the next stations slated to be built in the United Kingdom (UK), Tesla has finally revealed the charging speeds of the V4 units.

The first suggestion of the capabilities of the V4 Superchargers came long before we saw the first installation. All the way back in October 2020 Tesla executive Jerome Guillen inadvertently let slip during the company’s Q3 2020 earnings call that their next generation of Superchargers would be “350kW or so.”

Despite this, Tesla owners that have been plugging into the new V4 Superchargers this year have not been able to surpass 250kW, the same output as the V3 Superchargers. This is also despite information posted on the units themselves indicating they are capable of as much as 600kW.

Tesla is obviously capping the speeds, either by software or by installing the same infrastructure to support the V4 stations as it does with its V3 stations, for now. When the company is ready to remove that cap, the V4 Superchargers will be outputting 350kW, according to a development proposal for a station in Swindon, UK, first uncovered by Tesla Owners UK. In addition to the charging speeds, the documents also show off the new credit card reader and screen that has recently been added just underneath the charging dock.

This obviously won’t mean much for current Tesla owners, as all of the existing vehicles in the lineup are capped at 250kW or less. But that doesn’t mean that future Teslas, like the Cybertruck, won’t be able to take advantage of these higher charging speeds. There are also non-Tesla EVs with 800-volt architecture that can use this extra capacity, like the Lucid Air, Kia EV6, Hyundai IONIQ 6, and Genesis GV60. As you can see in the planning document above, the V4 Supercharger will be “universal and can be used by any EV user.”

This also confirms that one of the first V4 Superchargers in Canada will be in the small town of Grand Forks, BC. During a request for zoning variance earlier this year, the project developer revealed the Superchargers planned for that site will be capable of 350kW.

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