Tesla installs first V4 Supercharger with credit card reader in Austria

v4 credit card
Credit: @SeefyCar | Twitter

Tesla is expanding its deployment of V4 Superchargers in Europe, with the latest station appearing this week in Graz, Austria. What makes this latest station noteworthy is the addition of a contactless credit card reader, a feature that was first seen at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the United Kingdom (UK) just last week.

The addition of a credit card reader is aimed at meeting local European rules and regulations that emphasize the importance of providing multiple payment options for users. Just like the V4 Supercharger cabinet that was on display last week, the credit card reader is located underneath the charging cable dock, and includes a small screen that will likely display payment instructions and charging session information.

In the US, Tesla can avoid providing pay screens on its Superchargers, as the federally subsidized EV charging network being constructed does not mandate them. However, when the company was awarded a $6.4 million grant for the California state-funded Supercharger buildout, it declined the funding due to the requirement of installing card payment terminals. Tesla cited the “unnecessarily cumbersome payment infrastructure requirements” as the reason for their decision.

The same can be said for Canada, at least for now. Tesla has been approved to use the in-car display and mobile app certified as measurement devices, but the approval was part of a temporary dispensation order, and the final order may be different.

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