Upcoming Supercharger in British Columbia yields new information about V4 capabilities

tesla v4 supercharger
Credit: Tesla

A new development on Tesla’s V4 Superchargers has emerged, albeit from an unlikely location: Canada.

Last week, the Grand Forks, BC city council held a meeting, during which a future Supercharger at 1866 Central Ave was discussed (originally mentioned by MyGrandForksNow). A zoning variance was being requested for the installation of 12 stalls in a currently vacant lot, across the street from a Tim Hortons.

Tesla’s redline plan shows 12 pre-fabricated stalls in the parking area

Tesla’s proposal was introduced by Senior Project Developer Kyle Lockhart and property owners Gene and Wayne Koch.

During the presentation, several details on V4, which have been speculated for months, were finally confirmed. According to Lockhart, the Grand Forks Supercharger will be accessible to all Tesla and non-Tesla vehicles and will have a CCS adapter built into the station.

When asked about the existing FLO charger in the city and Tesla’s potential improvements to local charging infrastructure, he responded by saying that the Superchargers would be capable of up to 350kW, seven times faster than the 50kW FLO station.

Tesla’s proposal for a zoning variance was supported by council, but further considerations must be made before the project can be approved.

Once open, the charger would bridge a 219km gap between Osoyoos and Castlegar.

The total installation is expected to cost around $1.5M.

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