Tesla opens Supercharger network to all EVs in five more European countries

Tesla has expanded its non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot program to five more European countries on Wednesday.

According to the non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot support page, all electric vehicle (EV) owners can now access select Supercharger stations in Austria (9 stations), Belgium, Spain (13 stations), Sweden (40 stations), and the United Kingdom (15 stations).

That now brings the number of countries participating in the pilot program to 8, alongside France, The Netherlands, and Norway.

For non-Tesla EV owners to access the network, they will first have to download the Tesla mobile app and set up a payment method within the app. Once that is complete they can pull up to a stall at one of the participating stations, select the numbered stall in the app, and start Supercharging.

The fees for non-Tesla owners are higher than the normal fees for Tesla owners, but those fees can be reduced by paying a monthly membership fee.

Tesla first started the pilot program last year, and it immediately presented some challenges for Tesla owners as there is no standard among automakers for where the charge port is placed. This leads to some EVs occupying multiple stalls while charging due to the placement of the charge port and Tesla’s short Supercharging cables.

Tesla is aware of the issues and has been monitoring the experience on non-Tesla owners and Tesla owners alike. They have even installed surveillance cameras in Norway to monitor how third-party EVs are using the Superchargers.

There has been no official comment on when the pilot program will expand to North America, but Elon Musk did recently comment that CCS connectors will be added to stations in the United States, without providing a timeline.

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