Tesla rolls out High Fidelity Park Assist and new Autopark to cars with USS

Tesla has rolled out two new features to cars with Ultrasonic Sensors (USS), High Fidelity Park Assist and a new version of Autopark. Previously, these two features were exclusively available on cars without USS.

The new features were added in 2024.3.25, which includes the latest version of Full Self-Driving (Supervised), v12.3.6. However, both features are only appearing if you have a car with a new AMD Ryzen chip.

Tesla first launched their High Fidelity Park Assist feature late last year, including it in the annual Holiday Update. Before it was officially released, Tesla teased the feature with a still image through a post on X, increasing excitement among owners as it provided a 3D reconstruction of the vehicle’s surroundings.

However many of those owners were disappointed when it was released as it only went to cars without USS, or Tesla Vision-based cars, bringing those cars one step closer to parity with USS-equipped counterparts.

The other feature from Vision-based cars was Autopark, which Tesla also released to non-USS cars last month.

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Now both vision-based features are rolling out to cars with USS and the newer AMD Ryzen chip, with the release of 2024.3.25 on Sunday, the latest version of FSD (Supervised).

According to photos shared on social media, owners of these cars can select between the “Standard” version of Autopark, and the new “Tesla Vision” Park Assist. The Standard version will simply utilize the USS to display how far away nearby objects are like it always has, while the Vision option will provide the high fidelity 3D reconstruction.

It appears as though the Vision option will not also use the USS for precise measurements.

There is one catch however, as “older” cars with the Intel Atom chip don’t get the high fidelity 3D reconstruction, but are receiving the new Autopark, but with a less detailed visualization compared to cars with the newer AMD Ryzen chip.

Since these two new features were included in a FSD release, we are unsure when they will be released to owners of cars who have not subscribed or purchased FSD. However, the big spring update is just around the corner, and that seems like a good possibility.

Unfortunately this latest FSD release is still on the 2024.3 branch, meaning those on 2024.8.7 or 2024.8.9 will continue to have to wait to receive FSD v12.

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