Ford F-150 Lightning reservation total tops 160,000, but order rate is slowing down considerably

The number of customers placing a deposit on the upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning has continued to climb, but the rate at which they are doing so appears to be slowing down considerably in recent months.

According to the most recent count, the Detroit-based automaker has taken in 160,000 reservations for the electric pickup truck.

While the number is impressive, it is a little concerning when you look at their previous reservation counts and when they were announced.

On September 2, Ford’s Mike Levine announced the number of reservations had crossed 130,000 units.

Then on September 16 the automaker announced that pre-production of the Lightning had started, adding they had received 150,000 reservations up to that point.

Ford F-150 Lightning order book opening delayed until December 2021, release still on schedule for mid-2022

That means in that two week span Ford received an additional 20,000 reservations, or about 1,428 per day.

In the one and a half month since that announcement, the rate has dropped to a little over 208 per day.

Despite the relatively high number of reservations, F-150 Lightning reservation holders are in for a long wait. The company is still aiming for a spring 2022 release date, but only plans to produce 80,000 of the electric trucks per year, meaning it will take several years before some customers take delivery.

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