Tesla releases new version of Autopark to employees

Tesla has introduced a long-awaited revision to its Autopark feature in recent software updates. While the new feature has appeared in multiple software updates over recent weeks (2024.2.7; 2024.2.9; 2024.2.11), it is currently only available to employees for additional testing to be completed before a wider rollout to customers.

This updated Autopark feature was first hinted as coming soon by Elon Musk earlier this week with a post on X, in which the CEO said there would “major improvements” coming for Autopark, giving it a brand new name – “Banish.”

Unlike its predecessors, which offered basic autoparking capabilities that have often been criticized for their slow operation and poor overall performance, the latest iteration brings hope for an improved user experience.

According to the release notes of the 2024.2.11 software update shared by Not A Tesla App, Tesla cars with this new Autopark can now identify multiple parking spaces. Like the previous version, this new Autopark can identify and park in parallel spots, allowing drivers to select their preferred spot with a simple tap on the vehicle’s display of a new ‘Start’ button.

While this will not be a new addition for most, this update is noteworthy because it is also being deployed to Tesla’s newer models without ultrasonic sensors (USS), which have been lacking this feature since Tesla Vision was introduced in 2021. Tesla also recently added its High-Fidelity Park Assist system to cars without USS.

As we noted, this new Autopark feature is only currently available to employees. From what we have been told the feature was limited to a small number of employees with the first release in 2024.2.7, but the company has been getting positive results with their initial testing and has been slowly rolling it out to more employees. Given the gradual expansion, it would not be surprising to see a public rollout of the feature in April, given there are no hiccups in testing.

Here are the full release notes for Autopark from 2024.2.11.


Your vehicle can now automatically park — and parallel park — in designated spaces.

When you’re driving at low speed, your display highlights potential parking spaces. Autopark shows a circular P symbol on the targeted space.

To start parking, stop the vehicle, shift to Reverse, press Start, and release the steering wheel so it can move freely. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for more detail.

As with all Autopilot features, you must continue to pay attention and be ready to take immediate action including canceling Autopark.

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