Tesla’s 2023 holiday update begins rolling out, but you might not get all the features

Tesla has started deploying the 2023 edition of its annual holiday software update, 2023.44.30.1. Tesla has already published the release notes last week, but now that the update has started rolling out to the fleet, we’re learning not everyone is getting the most highly anticipated feature – High Fidelity Park Assist.

When Tesla published the release notes last week, one feature in particular caught everyone’s attention. For years owners have been asking for a 360° birds-eye camera view, and it looked like a version of that was going to finally be coming in the holiday update with High Fidelity Park Assist, which was described as a 3D reconstruction of your surroundings while parking. While it wasn’t a true birds-eye view, it looked like it was going to come pretty close to offering the same benefits with being able to pan and zoom the visualization.

Unfortunately not everyone will be getting the new Park Assist feature, at least for now. Based on reports from owners on social media, only those without Ultrasonic Sensors (USS) are seeing the feature included in their update. This includes both cars with Hardware 3 (HW3) and HW4.

So far all owners with USS have reported the feature has been missing from their release notes.

Tesla has not officially commented on whether Park Assist will be coming to cars with USS in the future.

While Park Assist was highly anticipated, there are still a number of other features included in the update, like Custom Lock Sounds, Rear Screen Bluetooth Headsets, Speed Cameras, Stop Signs & Traffic Lights on Route, and more. There is even a new one that Tesla didn’t mention last week – ‘Alternative Routes  While Driving.’ As the name implies this allows you to select an alternate route once you have started driving. Previously you could only do this after inputting the address in the navigation.

The holiday update also includes the latest version of Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta, v 11.4.9, as well as all of the Autopilot improvements Tesla had to implement as a result of the NHTSA investigation.

Have you received the holiday update? Let us know in the comments below.

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