Tesla looks to be preparing to launch in Thailand

According to official registration documents with the Kingdom’s Ministry of Commerce, Tesla is preparing to set up shop in Thailand.

The news comes from a Twitter user named Ekapob (@ekapobkul), who showed cropped photos of official documents.

The documents show that Tesla registered to sell vehicles and solar and energy storage systems in Thailand.

On the vehicle side, Tesla is registering for the sale of new passenger motor vehicles, pick-up trucks, vans and similar light motor vehicles.

David Jon Feinstein, Tesla’s Global Senior Director of Trade Market Access, signed all of the paperwork for Tesla.

Thailand is not unfamiliar with Tesla. Residents have long imported the vehicles into the country from neighbouring countries. As well, the Thai police leased seven Tesla Model 3s to test out for the police force.

Although Thailand is currently not officially selling in the country, the Model 3 is one of the best selling vehicles on the Thai market for EVs. So, with an official launch, we should see sales skyrocket as soon as the first stores are set up.

However, in an interesting twist is the addition of solar and energy systems to the registration.

We have not seen a massive push by Tesla solar into an Asian nation yet, and Thailand may be the right market to test out how the products move in the region.

Tesla Model 3 was the second best selling EV in Thailand in 2021

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