Tesla now allows you to buy FSD Capability, Enhanced Autopilot, and Acceleration Boost with referral credits

Tesla overhauled their referral system last year, allowing owners to earn 6,000 credits for Solar purchases made with their unique referral code. Unfortunately they didn’t add vehicles back into the program, but owners could now use those credits to purchase Tesla parts and accessories and merchandise, as well as Supercharger credits.

In an update to the program today, you can now also to purchase Full Self-Driving (FSD) Capability, Enhanced Autopilot (EAP), and Acceleration Boost.

You will have to refer a lot of customers to purchase Tesla Solar products however as FSD will set you back 240,000 credits, meaning 40 Tesla Solar purchases. Acceleration Boost will cost 40,000 credits, or 7 referrals, according a screenshot of the app shared by Hunter Noel (@HunterCNoel) on Twitter.

Unfortunately Hunter didn’t share how many credits it will take to purchase EAP, but we were able to check with one of our readers in the US (the program isn’t available in Canada) who told us it costs 120,000 credits, or the equivalent of 20 referrals.

Tesla is currently running a promotion where you can earn 9,000 credits for a limited time, so that makes these options a little more affordable. FSD will amount to 27 referrals, EAP is 14, and Acceleration Boost will need 5 referrals.

Unfortunately there is no option to use credits to purchase a FSD subscription at this time.

Based on a review of the mobile app it appears as though these three products are the only new additions to the new credit based referral program.

If you are thinking of making a Tesla Solar purchase, you can always use our referral code here.

Would you purchase any of these options if you had enough credits in your Loot Box? Let us know in the comments below.

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