Tesla Model 3 was the second best selling EV in Thailand in 2021

Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 was the second best-selling electric vehicle (EV) in Thailand last year, second only to the MG ZS EV.

According to data compiled by EV Plaza, the top five selling EVs were:

  1. MG ZS EV – 1,066 units
  2. Tesla Model 3 – 222 units
  3. Porsche Taycan – 194 units
  4. FOMM One – 109 units
  5. Mini Cooper SE – 83 units

This is a bit of a surprise as Tesla is not officially in Thailand yet. This means owners had to buy their vehicles outside of the country and import them into Thailand.

This, in turn, means that a Tesla Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive (formerly Standard Range Plus) with import taxes can cost as much as the Tesla Model Y Performance with FSD in North America.

Police in Thailand add 7 Tesla Model 3’s to their fleet

However, on the EV side of the automotive industry, Thai drivers are still learning to adopt the EV and plug-in hybrid concept.

In 2020, only 1,056 EV models were sold in the country.

On the positive side the Thai EV market grew by 364 per cent in 2021, with 3,994 units sold.

This is a substantial increase, but EVs still only account for 0.5 per cent of the total vehicles sold in Thailand.

One of the primary reasons for the slow adaption is the extremely high import tax in the country.

The Thai government placed a 200 per cent import tax on vehicles to protect Thai manufacturers.

Source: EV Plaza via Blink Drive

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